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'Hīkiʻi Stone Collection


Our new spring collection features vibrant semi-precious stones in limited quantities. 

For over thirty five years Leighton has collected unique and beautiful stones.  
'Hīkiʻi means to wrap or tie in Hawaiian. Wrapping each semi-precious stone with a gold-filled wire creates a look that blends the organic & artsy with the refined. From amethyst to fluorite and rose quartz, the brilliance of the stones gives a classy colorful look for summer. 

Choose your stone and wear it on your favorite necklace chain.
If you don't have a chain we include a beautiful 18" or 24" wheat style 600 link gold plated chain with each piece. 

Our pieces, like us, are all unique. Each one will be different and is available in a limited quantity. 

*SELECT YOUR PIECE FROM THE DROP DOWN LIST. This will change the photo to match the name of the piece. Unfortunately, it does not work the other way. If you select a photo, the name on the list doesn't update.