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Crafted in January 2014 using copper and acrylics.

Dimensions are 22" x 11". Koa Frame.


Ehukai Wave Series - 2013

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This Surf design was originally created in sconce light fixtures for the Historic Pipeline House. The design is inspired by the legendary Pacific ocean North and West swells that create epic Hawaiian winter waves at premier surf spots, the most famous being Pipeline, the left breaking wave and Backdoor, the right breaking wave. Ehuaki was the name ancient Hawaiians called this stretch of shoreline and translate to 'Sea Spray'. The Hawaiian sea birds are 'Manu-o-ku' or White terns also known as 'Ahi birds'.

The four designs are cut in copper and hand painted by Leighton Lam, no two are colored the same.  This is the first limited edition in metal cut artwork by Leighton Lam. The series is comprised of four designs in a limited edition of 928 and come with the certificate of authenticity and edition number. (example shown). For details on specs, pricing and more click here


Punahou School Art Gallery -  2012


Leighton submitted seven pieces for the 2012 Punahou Carnival. His pieces reflected the landscapes of the islands and used a variety of mediums from acrylics to copper and resin. Leighton spent some time this winter on the north shore and several of the pieces are inspired from his surfing expeditions and beautiful scenery along the coast. 


If you are interested in purchasing a piece of Leighton's art Ka'awa Valley,  Ko'olau Rising and Pu'u O'o are available for sale at $950 and $750 and $400 (in that order).    

Hulton's at Kawailoa                      Distant Makapu  
              Hulton's Kawailoa                               Distant Makapu
Ko'olau Rising
                               Ka'awa Valley                                      Ko'olau Rising
                  Punahou Cactus                                                                Pu'u O'o

Punahou School Art Gallery -  2011
Leighton was selected as a feature artist for Punahou Carnival's 2011 Art Gallery. Bringing together a collection of Hawaii's most well known and rising artists, Punahou's annual art gallery is an excellent venue to see and purchase the latest works from Hawaii's talented artisans.
Monstera 48 x 36 in. Copper & Acrylic                 Heliconia 24 x 48 in. Copper & Acrylic
Provocation 49 x 49 in. Mixed media on canvas                              Rising 18 x 55 in. Acrylic


Island Edge - Monstera Leaves Installation - 2010
Island Edge, a new store in Ala Moana shopping center, asked Leighton to create a custom piece of art for their store. This monstera leaf installation is made of copper with a patina finish. Leighton is pictured here with Governor Neil Abercrombie who attended the store's grand opening. Leighton also likes to paint his own shirts for his custom t-shirt line Painted™, seen here on Leighton. 

Plaza Club - Honolulu 2010
The plaza club in Honolulu asked Leighton to do a custom job for their renovations. Seen here are the copper palm leaf panels. Leighton also made 18 Niu copper sconces

Plaza Club - Honolulu 2010
The plaza club in Honolulu asked Leighton to do a custom job for their renovations. Seen here are the copper palm leaf panels. Leighton also made 18 Niu copper sconces
Punahou School Art Gallery 2010

Punahou School Commissioned Artwork -  2007

In the fall of 2007, three original works of art by Leighton Lam were completed and installed in the Punahou School President’s home. The work was commissioned by Punahou President Jim Scott and his wife, Maureen. Leighton began working on the project with Maureen Scott in 2005 to create prominent, highly visible subjects related to the school. The art would provide inspiration, as well as, appreciation of the school’s surroundings. The pieces would be hung in an exterior entry area, so they needed to stand up to Hawaii’s humid and rainy weather.

Punahou has three primary symbols: the school logo — the Hala Tree and Taro Leaves, the Night Blooming Cereus, which grow prolifically on the lava rock walls surrounding the campus, and the Lily Pond which is fed by the natural spring within the pond. These three elements are the basis of each art piece. The materials used were copper and fabricated lava rock. The result is what you see here. The art pieces have exceeded all they were meant to be and are significant additions to Punahou School's art collection.

Image 1: Lily Pond. 28 x 60 in. December 2007. Copper Patina. 
Image 2: Hala Tree & Kalo. 28 x 60 in. December 2007. Copper Patina.
Image 3: Night Blooming Cereus. 28 x 60 in. December 2007. Copper Patina. 


Custom Ornaments - Punahou School 

Every year Leighton is commissioned to design an ornament reflecting a landmark on Punahou School's campus. Leighton hand draws every design before starting production. Ornaments are gold dipped with careful detailing as shown in the photos.