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necklaces handmade with aloha

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Pearl Necklace - Gold
Pearl Necklace - Gold Sale price$32.00
Pearl Necklace - Silver
Pearl Necklace - Silver Sale price$32.00
Local Hawaii Jewelry, Island Jewelry Handcrafted in Hawaii, Hawaii jewelry necklace, Hawaiian design shell jewelry, seashell pendant
Shiva Shell Necklace Sale price$32.00
Carved Plumeria Necklace
Carved Plumeria Necklace Sale price$26.00
Carved Turtle Necklace
Carved Turtle Necklace Sale price$26.00
Carved Wave Necklace
Carved Wave Necklace Sale price$26.00
Carved Flower Heart Necklace
Carved Monstera Necklace
Carved Monstera Necklace Sale price$26.00
Carved Hibiscus Necklace
Carved Hibiscus Necklace Sale price$26.00
Carved Droplet Necklace
Carved Droplet Necklace Sale price$26.00
Pearl Necklace 2-Strand
Pearl Necklace 2-Strand Sale price$52.00
2-strand Freshwater Pearl Necklace - Multi
Hanalei Pearl Necklace
Hanalei Pearl Necklace Sale price$24.00
Dancing Pearl Necklace
Dancing Pearl Necklace Sale price$24.50
Carved Shark Necklace
Carved Shark Necklace Sale price$26.00
Carved Floating Heart Necklace
Hawaiian Sterling Silver Necklace
Hawaiian Pearl necklace, island jewelry, handcrafted in Hawaii, Hawaiian jewelry necklace, Pearl pendant, Hawaiian necklace
Necklace Extensions
Necklace Extensions Sale price$3.50
2-strand Freshwater Pearl Necklace-  White & Gold