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"I just received my necklace. It is stunning, beautiful.It was breathless. I have never ordered fine jewelry online before and I was just so hesitant, whether I would like to or not and not sure the picture online might be accurate. But also, you texted me back by reassuring me of your refund policy. But I loved the necklace immediately.  It is beautiful.  This necklace is for a dear, dear friend of mine, her 60th birthday in 2 weeks. I am very sure she or anyone else would love it too." - Mary Beth


I just wanted to let you know that I just received my order and am so very pleased with my purchases.  The 3 pairs of earrings are just as I had hoped they would look.  Sometimes when ordering from a website looks can be deceiving.  However, your website showed these items true to form which is quite commendable on your part and most fortunate for me!!!

Everything about ordering from your website was wonderful.  The entire process, from viewing, to choosing, to ordering, to paying and to receiving went seamlessly and flawlessly.

There is a special quality about your jewelry that is attractive than just the physical looks.  And when I first saw your jewelry when I visited the Hawaiian Islands a few years ago, I immediately knew it was they type of jewelry that suit my likes and purposes.  The designs reflect aspects of nature that I love, and can be worn in either informal and formal occasions.  They wear/dangle nicely on my ears enough to compliment the shape and size of my face.  But more importantly truly exude an elegance that far exceeds your terrific affordable prices.

I have no doubt I'll continue to visit your website for more ordering.

Thank you for designing and selling such a very lovely, practical and affordable line of jewelry.



My mother, sister and I are so Thankful to have discovered your artistic and user-friendly website when we did a Google search for Hawaiian  jewelry.  We were shopping for a birthday gift that would celebrate the Hawaiian heritage of a special friend and the Plumeria Sterling Silver Charm Necklace was a perfect choice.  We searched several sites, and the artistry of your jewelry surpassed everything else we saw.  The quality of your work is one-of-a-kind and we look forward to sharing it with our friend.

My mother took a vacation in Hawaii earlier in the year, and brought me back a pair of your earrings. I liked them so much, she ordered me the matching necklace. I visited your website, and fell in live with most of your designs. I lived in Hawaii for 5 years back in the early 90's. I loved it, and still try to live Aloha. Thanks for bringing a little piece of it back to me.

Leighton Lam Fashion Designer?
November 14th, 2010 / posted by paularath
Every time I see Leighton Lam, whether it’s at the Punahou Carnival, on the street, or at a fashion show, he is always onto something fresh and new. Of course his bread and butter has been, for many years, his iconic line of Island-inspired jewelry...continue reading http://www.paularath.com/2010/11/leighton-lam-fashion-designer/

Last week I received the beautiful gift of Aloha for my birthday from my brother and sister-in -law in Kaneohe. The exquisite gold plated plumeria (Melia) earrings which she purchased at Kalapawai Market in Kailua were a delightful surprise. I couldn't wait to show them off. On Sunday, I wore them,( in a snowstorm,no less!) to a holiday gathering. Everyone raved about their beauty, thinking they were poinsettia (haole's, what do they know!).
Apparently, while shoveling my way out of the host's driveway, I lost one earring. I was devastated! And I didn't want to tell my sister-in-law. So, because you have your website on the accompanying card, I was able to order another pair.
Now that I've seen your incredible selection, I will order again for myself and for gifts. I guess you could call this a happy accident.
P.S. I'd much rather travel to Hawaii (especially in these winter months!) to purchase them, but sometimes that's just not possible.
Mele Kalikimaka!
Syracuse, NY

Dear Mr. Leighton Lam,
Your jewelry is simply beautiful. While in Hawaii this past Christmas with my family, my sister-in-law gave me a precious gift of a double gold wire necklace with two pearls. I will always cherish this gift form her. I want to give the jewelry in my order to special friends for birthdays and my young children's teachers to thank them. I have received numerous compliments on my necklace. My mother, Nancy Clavin, is also a fan and customer.
Best luck to you!
Please keep me informed of your new creations.
Thank you,

Hi Leighton,
I've bought some of your jewelry the first time I went to Maui back in 2004. I love the pieces. I have really sensitive ears and can't seem to be able to wear non-gold or platinum jewelry, but for some reason the earrings I bought back in Maui did not bother my ears at all (and they weren't gold-plated). A few years later, I lost half of two pairs of earrings from you. I was very unhappy and distraught about this since they are some of my favorite earrings. I just went to Kona a week or two ago and saw your jewelry in the hotel shop and it brought back fond memories. I saw your website printed on the card the earrings were hanging from and looked up your jewelry first thing when I got home. Suffice to say, I am replacing the ones I've lost a few years ago and then some. I am so excited to receive them in the mail soon.
Keep up the good work! 

I was in Hawaii with my family for the first time from August 13-21. The first place we stayed at, the Aston at Kaanapali Shores in Maui, had 2 gift shops. One was a grocery/gift store, the other had more clothing. I saw the quilt pattern earrings and loved them immediately! I was in a hurry that night and couldn't decide which pair I wanted so I left. I thought that I'd be on 3 different islands in 7 days and would probably have another opportunity to find them and make a decision.
Unfortunately, I did not find them again! I was so disappointed too because that was all I thought about when I got home!!! So, I started a search on the internet. I tried so many different ways to find quilt pattern earrings; I used filligree in the search; I tried the ABC chain; I tried Amazon.com; I almost got 2 viruses on the computer from 2 websites (I thought, "Maybe it wasn't meant to be and almost gave up!!") and finally, a week after we returned home, I found your website! I looked at the home page and didn't think I was there yet either. I almost gave up again. But I clicked on the jewelry and I was so very excited to find exactly what I was looking for!!!!!! I was still so happy to have found your website! Ask my son. It was all I could talk about. Finding your website after looking for 7 days was like bringing Hawaii back to me.

A co-worker is coming to Hawaii in October and she was going to look for me at the Aston Kaanapali Shores in Maui. Now, I will show her exactly what I found and maybe she will pass the word on to others about your work. I showed my sister the website on Sunday. I put your name out on Facebook, too! 
I still couldn't decide which earrings I wanted so I bought more than one pair!!! I like the Christmas ornaments and got one of those too! 
Your work is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your gift in jewelry. I look forward to wearing the earrings. Believe me, they will be admired by all people! Thank you also for responding to my order with a personal note. I am honored.

Thanks... I just placed the order from Paypal... it came out to $32.00 as it charged me for $4.00 for shipping instead of $2.00... Please make both of them clips... and the hibiscus like the one shown below... Mahalo... I can't wait for them to arrive so I can start wearing them again. I now have all of them that are on your website and then some... you are so talented... I love when people come up and just admire what I am wearing... or ask me to bring one back for them when I travel to Hawaii...
Mahalo Plenty!

Hi Leighton,
You made me a very happy girl this morning — a received a little bit of Hawaii on a cold Sydney morning. Thank you for sending my earing so fast. I'm very happy and so glad that I reordered. The turtle clip is also very sweet. Thank you again.
I have a blog site I'm going to blog about you and your design I'll do it tonight — it'swww.rovinraven.blogspot.com
— Benita

Thanks so much. I was in Waikiki in early April and bought two pair of these earrings, one for me and one for my sister. I wore them a few weeks ago and lost one. I LOVE these earrings and was so glad that I still had the card they came on with your website. I usually don't get SO attached to jewelry, but I was so sad when I lost one, my sister even offered to give me the pair I had bought for her.Keep on doing what you're doing- creating beautiful things and may God bless you,
— Kirsten S.

Hi I spoke to you on the phone about my order for a graduation gift. I wanted to have it shipped so I could receive it by May 20th. I placed the order on May 12 and did not see an option to express mail that is when I called you. I paid for the order without using papal because I could not remember my password and I could not get it to work for me. I really appreciate you helping me get my order here on time for the graduation. Tell me what I need to do to get this done. I will pay for the extra shipping fees. Your designs are so beautiful and I love your web site. I love my jewelry that I have from your collection. They are very special and I love wearing them. I know this gift is going to be very special to my sister-in-law to be. She is graduating with her Doctor of Pharmacy. 
Thank you so much.
Elaine L.

Dear Leighton,
Just wanted to let you know I received the earrings and love them. Thanks so much.
Debra R.
The jewelry arrived in perfect condition and made a hit with my mother and the rest of my family on Mother's Day. I was completely surprised by the addition of the bookmark, and I found it to be much nicer in person. The website picture is nice, but does not do the bookmark justice. I don't have any recommendations regarding the website or Paypal, both were easy to use. I was wondering if you have the capability to add a ring to some to the jewelry to turn it into a pendant. Specifically, the Petroglyph or Honu rectangles. I think they would make a really nice pendant necklaces. If possible, I would just want the pendant, as I would purchase a chain ( I need something about 20 inches long) Anyway, thank you for making Mother's Day special. I really appreciate your quick response and beautiful jewelry. My mother was thrilled with the Bird of Paradise posts.
Have a wonderful week 

Thank you for the quick response! I just love these earrings! They are very special to me. 
Thanks again. 
P.S. You have so many beautiful "new" designs. I will be ordering others in the future!

I was in Hawaii in February of this year and purchased some of your jewellery. I am very pleased with it and have had a look on line at all of your items. I am interested in buying some more and wonder if that would be possible and if you can ship it to the United Kingdom (I am in Perth, Scotland not Perth, Australia) and can you give me an indication of the costs of the items and the shipping costs.
I look forward to hearing from you.
— Gael

Dear Mr Leighton Lam,
I am Mr Zhang, a Chinese Business man. When I stayed in Hawaii with my wife and our son for a 3-week holiday, my wife bought 6 your earrings .They are very pretty. Now we are back home Beijing. After visiting your website, my wife suggested me import a few of your products and retail in our shops. Are you interested in exporting to China? We have been the sole distributor of a New Zealand brand of fashion jewelry for a few years, and now I am willing to introduce your designs to Chinese market. How do you think about it?
Looking forward your reply and best regards
— 张耀新  Eddye Z.

I received the earrings and thank you so much for helping me. We will be in Hawaii March 22-28. Do you have a store there? If so, where? I would love to see the other jewelery and meet you. 

Dear Leighton Lam,
Yes it went well, a few years ago I was in Oahu and purchased a pair of these same earrings, of a little set of Honu's and wore them almost everyday, then I lost one last month, and have missed them ever since, so I tried to get them reordered from where I bought them, at the Dole plantation, but they sent me the wrong kind, still nice, bigger, but not the ones I feel in love with, until I seen your name on the card that came with them and I looked your site up on the internet, and found the earrings I lost. So I ordered them. I also checked out all your other things, I have to say you are very cool, and that is why I liked these earrings from the start, they are unusual and very cute, I like turtles and those where perfect for me! Just wanted to let you know. I am looking forward to receiving my little turtle earrings before too long, Thank You!

Thanks much. As I was decorating my tree, I pulled out a couple of your ornaments for the first time since purchasing them in 2008. I had totally forgotten about them. I was reminded how beautiful they are and how they remind me of our much beloved Hawaii. So wanted to order a few more for our collection.
Absolutely beautiful. Keep up the good work!!
Anne and Mike

The earrings arrived, and they are gorgeous. I love them!!!. They are beautiful. Thanks so much. Also loved the dolphin clip. Do you sell those??
— Karen

Aloha Leighton!
I just returned from a visit to the beautiful Island of Maui and while I was shopping at our hotel I purchased two pairs of your fabulous earrings. I have decided to give one of them away as a gift to my sister but can't bare to part with them so I went on your website to purchase some more. The earrings I would like to buy are the Monstera Leaf Delisiosa, 24k gold-plated black enamel but I didn't see these exact ones on your website so I was wondering if you do still make them and if so could I purchase a pair of them. I really hope you do because they would be the perfect gift and then I can keep mine too! Thanks so much for your help! 
Jessica A.

I got my earrings in a few weeks ago. Haven't taken them off since. Don't want to lose a pair again!!!
Thanks again. I love them!!! ~ Celenia