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Hawaiian Shark Jewelry

Manō is the Hawaiian word for Shark. The shark is an ʻaumākua (familial god/deified ancestor) for some native Hawaiian families. 

Hawaiian Whale Tail Jewelry



"Alo Alo" is the Hawaiian word for the Stunning & Colorful Hibiscus Flower

Each Design is Copyrighted Original Artwork by Leighton Lam and Made in Hawaii.

Honu Jewelry

Kukui Quilt Jewelry

Leighton Lam Wedding Collection

contact Kaily for custom orders

Liv-n-Aloha Earrings

Liv-n-Aloha Earrings

Share the Joy of Life


Ma Ke Kai Cast Bangles

Ma Ke Kai Cast Bangles

remember your adventures "by the sea". most of these designs are cast off of shells found by Leighton in Hawaii. heavily gold or silver plated.

Moana Jewelry

Feel the spirit of Moana "the ocean" with our beautifully handmade jewelry. 18k gold or silver dipped. Designed by Leighton and made in Hawaii.

Monstera Leaf Jewelry

La'ape is Hawaiian for Monstera Leaf

These commanding luscious green leaves are reminsicent of old Hawaii. 



Where Fashion Meets Art

necklaces handmade with aloha

Niu Palm Collection



Limited Edition

Share the Aloha Spirit 365 Days of the Year

Pearl & Stone Jewelry

Pearl & Stone Jewelry

Elevated in Quality, Design & Style

Pikake Quilt Jewelry

Pineapple Collection