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Puʻuwai Gold Necklace - Gift with Purchase Puʻuwai Gold Necklace - Gift with Purchase

Neon Geometric


1.5" x 0.6". Made with surfboard resin. Hypo-allergenic posts.

Leighton started his journey making jewelry in 1979. His very first jewelry collection titled 'Ear Art' was made with surfboard resin. This piece, along with every one in the collection, is one of a kind, made between 1979 and 1989. Yes, they are 30+ years old. 

They are made with resin so are very durable and are true vintage. Leighton is considered the pioneer in surfboard resin jewelry. A lifelong surfer, Leighton started making surfboards as a teenager. This later evolved to art and jewelry using the resin medium.